Product Promotion Strategy – Going Outside the Norm

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Client Profile:
Mid-sized financial institution

The firm was under utilizing its deposit base and needed to grow its consumer loan portfolio. The product manager suggested a simple promotion involving a drawing for a vacation to create traffic loan applications.

A TBG partner assumed the role of leading the Client’s marketing group, and suggested that something bolder was in order.

  • Recommended a high quality “scratch and win” contest involving a series of prizes including an international vacation for 4, merchandise and a series of free and discounted banking products.
  • The contest would operate similar to those conducted by packaged good companies. This was only the second financial institution in the U.S. to attempt such a promotion.

The CEO registered concern as to the appropriateness of such a promotion for the conservative banking market, but was swayed by the evidence of success in other industries.

  • The promotion went forward, supported by focused public relations, paid media, and in-branch promotional support.
  • Provided detailed pre-briefing on the promotion and detailed customer Q&A to all branch managers and staff.
  • The promotion ran for 60 days.

Promotion Results:

  • 17% increase in loan applications over the prior period and contributed to growth across a spectrum of products.
  • The promotion was declared an unrivaled success.
  • The promotion was repeated in an even more elaborate form a year later and was just as successful.
  • Following a merger with a much larger institution, the promotion, even larger, was rolled-out again with similar success.