Agency Consolidation and Marketing Spend Analysis for Global CPG Company

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The Bedford Group provided counsel and management of an advertising agency consolidation and marketing spend analysis for a Global CPG company.
  • Consumer products marketer with multiple global business units (GBUs) needed to optimize its marketing spend and increase efficiency from its agency partnerships
  • Over-arching leadership was provided at the corporate and division levels, but each brand operated independently, missing opportunities to share resources (internal and external)
  • With budgets below competitive averages, the division sought creative ways to remain active, agile and efficient in the marketplace while aligning with best-in-class marketing partners and programs
  • Conducted business and communications Needs Assessment of GBU presidents and Marketing VP’s
  • Applied Purchasing Supply Chain Management discipline across all Brands and geographies
  • Assessed spend allocations and rigorous post mortem, weighing results against objectives. determining the real return on investment Counseled GBUs on ways to optimize their marketing partnerships
  • Conducted search, assessment and selection of ideal agency partners (per brand).
  • Partnered in the creation of new global compensation and incentive models across GBUs
  • Offered solutions to implement strategic partnerships and ensure their vitality going forward
  • Promoted efficient agency management to eliminate redundancies and rework
Client Impact:
  • Agency Consolidation reduced 180+ agencies to 4 primary “Holding Company” relationships across marketing disciplines and channels
  • Structured a global agency network for brands to tap into local markets outside of the U.S.
  • Established new approaches to creative resource partnerships and marketing objectives
  • Eliminated wasteful marketing programs
  • Earned buy-in from key executives positioning the brands for future budgetary growth