Agency Performance Assessment for Leading QSR Brand

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A large QSR brand with over 6,500 restaurants globally had experienced a decline in brand metrics since establishing their roster of agency partners.  They sought objective counsel and an agency performance assessment to identify and solve problems in the partnerships that could be contributing to lackluster business performance.

Process and Approach

TBG proposed a 360-degree agency performance assessment process designed to deliver:
  • Actionable intelligence and insights about each relationship
  • Recommendations to improve the effectiveness of all partnerships
  • Practical action plans that outline:
    • How to better enable agency partners to do their best work
    • What the brand teams can change internally to better drive business results and efficiency
  • Developed customized question set
  • Identified ideal stakeholders within each agency and channel team

Key Learnings

  • Gaps in the agency briefing and feedback process were challenging strategic thinking and innovation
  • Internal discipline siloes and role definition were making it difficult for agencies to integrate effectively


  • Over 100 agency performance assessments across all brand teams and agencies were completed
  • While unique areas of opportunity were uncovered in each individual agency relationship, four themes presented themselves across the roster
  • TBG met with each firm/channel lead to provide counsel on their individual results and also facilitated an agency integration workshop to tackle the more universal issues
  • A comprehensive action plan was executed across all relationships
  • Roles and responsibilities were redefined across the roster to clarify scope
  • Agency performance assessment scores have increased annually, as have brand metrics