Streamlining Marketing at a Major Fashion Retailer

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Client Overview:
Their agency relationship was broken. The retailer wanted to determine whether or not they were the procuring cause of the rift. The Bedford Group was brought in to evaluate the marketing department in terms of its system for processing work, being responsive to internal stakeholder needs, and giving direction/leadership to their agency. Should the findings be negative, our objective was to help streamline the operation. Situation:
  • Marketing function suffering from identity crisis
    • Little consistent understanding of what marketing expected to do
      • Seen by some as glorified audiovisual slide shop
      • Seen by many as graphics department/job shop
      • Macro demands of brand advertising
  • Marketing tasks overwhelming
    • High volume demands
    • No work flow or project management system
    • Multiple requests from multiple sources
      • Unclear priorities
      • Limited understanding of project context
    • Fire drills
The Bedford Group’s Contribution:
  • Assessed “marketing” product
    • Advertising and collateral
  • Interviewed key stakeholders
    • Within marketing
    • Within management
  • Tracked current processes and performance
    • Provided schematic of what it currently took to get work done
  • Assessed suppliers
  • Personnel evaluation
  • Cost accounting analysis
    • Time value of projects
The Bedford Group’s Recommendations:
  • Offered three reorganization options
    • Accepted recommended title changes and new reporting relations
  • Outlined work-flow and project management system
  • Recommended marketing strategy review board
  • Personnel re-deployments
  • Provided supplier/freelance performance and cost norms
Client Outcomes:
  • New brand/function based organization adopted departure from decentralized /market by market focus
  • Re-deployed key personnel
  • Work Flow and Project Management system instituted
  • New marketing process streamlined