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  • Global client with multiple brands and product lines needed category and marketing expertise to identify opportunities for cost-reductions in print and broadcast production
  • Client desired insight into internal and external production costs, trends and best practices in the US, UK and France
  • Client wanted to improve systems/procedures and optimize spend while maintaining quality of output
Process & Approach
  • Customized The Bedford Group’s hallmark benchmarking process to obtain relevant cost data in the client’s industry
  • Solicited bids for both print and broadcast production in the US, London and Paris
  • Applied The Bedford Group’s analytical process to the bids to identify areas of opportunity
  • Compared the results to actual negotiated rates and leveraged industry experts from the major production houses in the US and EU to validate the findings
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with thought leaders from 20+ companies across the US and EU to develop a comprehensive list of best practices in global creative production both within and outside the client’s industry
Lessons Learned
  • Modifications of the production bidding process can lead to significant cost savings without reducing the quality of the final product
  • Pre-production decisions have a greater impact on the final cost than in-production decisions
  • Balancing cost vs. creative quality is necessary to ensure the high caliber work needed to drive sales in the marketplace
  • Implementing pure cost reduction measures generally does not optimize the dollars invested
  • Tighter cross-functional and cross-brand executions optimizing spend across geographies
  • Global Best Practices instituted
  • Effective new planning processes established
  • Client considering custom research and benchmarking for more of their divisions