Dr. Urvashi Pitre

Leadership Bios

Dr. Urvashi Pitre Dr. Urvashi Pitre Over the past 20 years, Dr. Pitre has become an expert in research and analytics. She has built a strong reputation for using data to drive revenue and optimization via data-driven multichannel marketing in a number of senior agency roles within agencies such as IMC², JWT, RAPP, and Targetbase.

Dr. Pitre’s specialties include complex statistical analytics such as predictive modeling, media-optimization, segmentation, Life-time value, data-driven CRM, ROI-based marketing, a deep knowledge of web analytics, developing analytical products and customizing KPIs to ensure a common measuring stick across all endeavors. Her expertise has delivered measurable results across many industries including: Healthcare, Consumer packaged goods, Utilities, Technology, Retail, Telco, Financial, Hospitality, Auto and Armed Forces.  Her clients have included such notable brands such as USMC, FEMA, Medcohealthstore.com, Direct Buy, Dannon, Toyota, HSBC, Hyatt, Travelocity.com, Royal Caribbean, Evercare and Mead Johnson. Dr. Pitre and Bedford have been engaged on several different business challenges through the years and have formed an alliance to formally bring Dr. Pitre’s expertise to The Bedford Group’s clients.  Through her company, Tasseologic, a marketing strategy and analytics firm, she is focusedon translating business goals into data-driven marketing plans complete with consumer insight, contact strategy, media selection, robust measurement, analysis and overall marketing optimization.