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    For more than 25 years, The Bedford Group has helped results-driven enterprises assess, value, repair and manage their agency relationships in ways that significantly contribute to bottom line success.

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Marketing Management Consulting

Accelerating growth through marketing effectiveness

As former corporate marketers and agency management experts, The Bedford Group recognizes the importance of a third-party opinion when dealing with difficult, often emotionally charged performance or relationship issues on both the corporate and agency sides.We also recognize the challenge in bringing in traditional management consultants that may not have the expertise in this one area of management. That’s why we have focused on the practice of Marketing Management Consulting. What we do is unique for two key reasons: We practice “Smart Empathy” As strategic marketing consultants, we are intimately involved with client’s brands and the challenges faced everyday. All of our consultants bring the insight gained as experienced marketers and former agency executives. We can turn recommendations into reality We have the resources on hand to execute on approved recommendations and manage the associated change. In short, we can help implement what we recommend. We view Marketing Management Consulting as a complex ecosystem that requires more than one-off services. Our specialties extend to:
Agency Relationship Management
A client’s relationship with its communications firm is one of the most complex in the business environment and requires a substantial level of collaboration from both parties to make it effective and sustainable. Ensuring that clients and agencies maintain good working relationships is an important aspect of marketing success. Optimizing client agency relationships is a core component of marketing management consulting and includes a full range of analysis and management services that have been offered since 1986. There are many reasons why a client-agency relationship might fail. From undisciplined agency compensation practices to misaligned expectations, it’s far too easy for a client and agency to get off track, resulting in lack of trust and lost productivity. We specialize in performance audits designed to help corporations understand if there are gaps in their current relationships and how to solve for them; and client-agency relationship evaluations that are a user-friendly way to monitor satisfaction and performance on an ongoing basis to correct potential problems before they become unsolvable. If it should become necessary to search for a new, compatible marketing partner, The Bedford Group can simplify the agency search and selection process to create the most strategic match of partners while minimizing any disruption of daily business. A critical part of the process is SOW development and agency compensation benchmarking and negotiation. We have an arsenal of proprietary tools that we employ to ensure a successful match. And we do this with the client’s best interest as the center. We are agency neutral, accept no fees from candidate firms and believe “pay for play” models compromise the integrity of agency search engagements. Click here to learn more about our Agency Relationship Management practice.
Marketing Organization Support
When optimized and managed effectively, a well-organized, well-trained marketing team can mean greater productivity and less turnover. The Bedford Group specializes in marketing benchmarking and best practices. Additionally, we engage in optimization across marketing organization structure and process, critically important disciplines for a successful and productive work environment. Further, our specialty includes interim executives to fill the gaps while critical roles within the organization are vacant and/or recruitment is slow to produce qualified candidates. Our contribution is two-fold: (1) to provide a bridge in leadership to those working within marketing communications to ensure workflow remains steady and on-point and (2) to get a closer look at personnel within the department for first-hand analysis of the quality of their thinking and output. Click here to learn more about our Marketing Organization Support practice.
Strategic Marketing Consulting
The digital age gives everyone a clearer view of a brand’s performance because of the ease and quantity of data capture. New and improved tools and a myriad of channels are also having a profound effect on how the consumer is receiving information. Perceptions are shifting from a consumer tangentially involved with the brand, to one who is more informed, more active in the delivery of brand promises. We help corporations address this emerging trend and turn the “data explosion” into actionable, relevant learnings that can be used to build models for future growth. In this segment of our offerings are: Click here to learn more about our Strategic Marketing Consulting practice.
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