• Optimizing Marketing Relationships White Paper

    Anybody marketing these days knows the squeeze is on from all sides. Try as we might, none of us can get away from the fact that the new marketplace, with new competitors ratcheting up customer and consumer expectations forces all of us to behave more attentive externally than ever before.

  • Relationship Audit Case Study

    Leading Midwest consumer technology company needed to take stock of the expectations of both parties, and determine the initial success of the relationship 6-months into the contract.

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Client & Agency Relationship Evaluation

Ensuring stronger partnerships

Inevitably, relationships encounter rough terrain. Poor leadership, uninspired strategic advice, diminished creative quality, missteps, bottlenecks and organizational restructuring can lead to a deteriorating client-agency partnership. Some relationships will not endure. But, difficulty does not necessarily mean the partnership must be abandoned. At The Bedford Group, we offer objective analysis to help you decide where you need to take your agency relationship next – whether that means repair and rebuild or transition and move on. Salvaging a long-term agency relationship where legacy data and a history of previous successes may just need a simple re-tooling of personnel or a revisit of deliverables to set the right course again. We would add that course correction is considerably less expensive to the organization and that, in the end, can revitalize all parties connected with the relationship. Our real-time, scalable Client-Agency Relationship Evaluation and Management System provides a thorough, fully customizable 360° evaluation of existing partnerships to:
  • Measure commitment and endorsement of agency output across your organization
  • Assess agency performance across your lines of business, brands and geographies
  • Enable benchmarking and performance tracking
  • Deliver actionable intelligence and insights
  • Produce KPIs that link back to marketing ROI and incentives
  • Improve team commitment and motivation (both client and agency)
  • Provide counsel and agency relationship management training
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