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We hope that you will find the following article to be helpful.  If, after reading, you would like to explore our thought leadership on a deeper level, please contact Kerry Kielb at kkielb@bedfordgroupconsulting.com. B2B Agency Search For more than 25 years, The Bedford Group has managed agency searches across categories, disciplines and geographies in both B2B and B2C.  The following are our top 3 tips for B2B search: Build consensus from the start Since many B2B organizations are highly matrixed enterprises with diverse product lines, involve key business unit leaders from the start of the search.  The process should be a consensus-building exercise for all stakeholders who take a leadership role in guiding the communications product.  Waiting until the final presentation for executive involvement can derail the search and/or create dissenting pockets within the organization going forward.    Expand criteria beyond direct category experience When establishing agency search parameters, clients oftentimes place too much emphasis on direct category experience.  While the considered firms ideally should have a thorough understanding of the category, more important is their intellectual bandwidth to communicate with multiple segments across complicated lines of business. Filter out the “fakers” Throughout the search, plant a few “filters” to validate whether or not the agency truly grasps the target groups and “speaks their language”.  With a recent financial services client, we executed this by having the candidates complete a business banking questionnaire which revealed whether or not they were using the necessary “tribal code” (e.g. using “financing” rather than “loan” when speaking to a CFO-level target). Hiring a new agency is not an easy process.  But by removing the guesswork and establishing the right metrics to guide the review, you can build a foundation for a productive, long lasting agency relationship.

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The Bedford Group is an Atlanta based Marketing Management Consulting firm that has been in operation since 1986. It has built its reputation on marketing organization support, agency search and relationship management and strategic marketing consulting.  Unlike traditional advertising consultants, The Bedford Group looks beyond traditional marketing disciplines to solve complex, enterprise-wide issues for efficient resource management and improving marketing ROI.

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