Distinguishing Qualities of a Great Client

We hope that you will find the following article to be helpful.  If, after reading, you would like to explore our thought leadership on a deeper level, please contact Kerry Kielb at kkielb@bedfordgroupconsulting.com. Distinguishing Qualities of a Great Client
  • Inculcate a spirit of partnership
    • Avoid a superior/subordinate relationship, characterized by
      • Atmosphere of mistrust
      • Lack of respect for the expertise of the agency
      • Undercurrents of intimidation
    • There is no doubt to an agency that a client is and can be ready to exercise the option to dismiss them
      • Some clients even use this tool for dealing with their agency
      • Fear, intimidation and disrespect have no place
    • The best advertising is often only created within the absence of fear
      • The by-product of real partnership—a joint effort—based on mutual respect of intelligence and expertise
  • Be wary of change for change’s sake
    • Imitating a trend fails by definition to achieve the first purpose of adverting which is to create a distinctive image for a client
    • We think that success in advertising is achieved by finding a long-term positioning and sticking with it.
    • Tune in, instead to the changes in the consumer
  • Make sure your agency is making a fair profit
    • If an account is unprofitable to an agency, that account will be less important to the agency
  • Give the agency the opportunity to be totally absorbed in your product, the people and your culture
    • Great clients totally immerse their agencies in the product
    • When an agency team thoroughly understands a client corporate culture, it will more likely create campaigns that last
      • If a campaign precisely reflects the culture, there’s a better chance the client will stick with it
      • Articulates a corporate mission, the client will give it longer to work
  • Create an environment of experimentation and be prepared to pay for failure
    • Nothing predicts mediocrity in advertising quite so precisely an environment of risk-aversion
      • Natural to want to conform to rules and formulas in quest for a measure of certainty the outcome of development process will be viable adverting
      • Great clients want advertising that stands out
  • Treat the agency people well
    • Great clients know it is human nature for people to work harder for their friends than for business acquaintances
    • The happy consequence is that the great client gets more out of the agency
  • Agree on a clearly defined objective of the advertising you wish to create
    • The failure to define or agree upon the precise purpose of adv. Dooms the creative process form the start
  • Keep approvals simple and disapprovals kind
    • Nothing saps energy more than an agency presenting the same work over and over at succeeding layers of the client organization
      • The best system for approval of adverting is to have as few layers as possible
    • Three simple axioms to remember:
      • Be honest. If you don’t like something say so.
      • Be specific. Don’t ask for a new execution just because this “one doesn’t do it for me.”
      • Be kind. It helps to think of commentary as if you are evaluating the person.
  • Make the agency responsible for the advertising and give them the authority it needs to do it
    • Involvement in the process is an exceedingly difficult line to walk
      • Often, lack of involvement is just a way for the client to avoid sharing responsibility for the end result
      • On the other hand, too much involvement denies the approval empowers the agency to realize its vision; get a sense of balance
    • Great clients state precisely why they disagree and then challenge the agency to find a solution in which both parties can agree
  • Perform evaluations of each other at least annually, and more often in the beginning of the relationship
    • A good agency wants to know if there is a major problem before reading about it in the trade press
    • Great clients draw up the terms of evaluation in partnership with the agency
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