Marketing Benchmarking & Best Practices

Achieve more with measurement

A hard economic environment requires even greater measurement than in times of plenty. Yet, according to a recent global study, less than 35 percent of businesses use simple benchmarking tools to assess their marketing resources and campaigns. The fact is that performance improves when companies assess their own operations against that of their peers and their industry. At The Bedford Group, our practice in marketing benchmarking and best practices is based on over 25 years of experience using unique benchmarking techniques with inputs and years of study through our proprietary tools informed by marketing officers and other senior executives around the globe. We apply our knowledge to help ensure our clients are getting the most from their marketing efforts through:
  • Purchasing Management Analysis
    • Detailed analysis across the entire marketing supply chain
    • Identify primary spending areas and opportunities for budget reorganization
  • Program Efficacy
    • Analysis of marketing plans and spending programs, weighting results against defined objectives
    • Results used to eliminate wasteful programs and reallocate dollars to the programs that work
  • Gap Analysis & Recalibration
    • Identify weaknesses within the brand that may affect purchasing decisions and competitiveness
    • Results used to recalibrate messaging or value proposition to achieve lift against a specified profitability measure
  • Agency Partner Evaluation
    • Ensure the appropriate partners are in place to help build the brand
    • Assure the SOW and compensation structures are appropriate and fairly managed
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