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Marketing Resource Assessment

Matching talent with mission Your marketing team has talent. They have skills. So where are the results? It could be a matter of having the right people in the wrong job or vice versa. Often we’ve found that what could be viewed as a skill deficiency is really a matter of a mis-prioritized workload, lack of mentoring or a misalignment of expectations. At The Bedford Group, we offer marketing resource assessment tools that can help develop a more focused and higher performing organization. Our assessments cover:
  • Goals and mission
  • Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
  • Organizational design, processes and practices
  • Team skill-set analysis and roles
  • Compensation schemas and ranges
We benchmark against best practices of comparable organizations to provide precise data that can turned into an effective course of action, from process improvements and training sessions, to marketing re-organization. To find out how The Bedford Group can help turn your resources into a fine-tuned, efficient and productive team, contact us at 404.237.4565 or info@bedfordgroupconsulting.com.