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    Mid-sized Financial Institution was under utilizing its deposit base and needed to grow its consumer loan portfolio. The firm tapped a TBG partner to lead their marketing group.

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    We’ve worked with a wide range of companies on a variety of initiatives across categories, disciplines and geographies.

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Interim Marketing Management

Leadership and support in times of change

There are times that require a bridge in leadership or the need to revitalize marketing outputs that have become less effective than they once were. Perhaps a key marketing executive has left the company, downsizing has left major gaps in the marketing group or a new initiative may be taxing marketing resources. When events call for it, The Bedford Group can provide experienced leadership and support to effectively manage through the transition. The Bedford Group can fill marketing management and executive gaps in ways that range from traditional, remote consulting to a more visible, on-site, “interim” approach. We have a long record of providing interim CMO leadership or Team Leaders in Operations Management and Communications. We also provide counsel to help Human Resources or your recruitment firms find permanent leadership more quickly. Further, while we perform these interim services we are able to:
  • Evaluate current employees and contractors
  • Step-up production on previously shelved initiatives
  • Locate pockets of excellence for reward and advancement
  • On-board the new executives, once placed
Our consultants have held numerous hands-on marketing management and leadership positions in large corporations and are ready to give on-site leadership. We’ve worked across a wide range of industries in the business-to-business or consumer space, including healthcare systems, financial services, consumer package goods, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and more. Because we are high on the learning curve in most categories, we are uniquely prepared to make a difference from Day One. For more information about how we can help you bridge a gap in your resources, contact The Bedford Group at 404.237.4565 or info@bedfordgroupconsulting.com.