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    Major Fashion Retailer needed to evaluate marketing department in terms of its system for processing work, being responsive to internal stakeholder needs, and giving direction/leadership to their agency.

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System & Process Designs

Create a flexible and more responsive workflow

Marketing and advertising, by nature, is in a state of constant flux. From customer trends to competitive threats, your team needs to respond to ever-changing market conditions and channels. Budgets and the proper allocation of funds based on the quality and impact of the output being developed often leads to misdirection.and frustration by the initiating party and the executor of the project. A culture of innovation becomes stifled by a simple “get the job done” rather than a thorough analysis that will produce the best result. To help avoid a reactionary response to workload and perpetuate more strategic thinking, The Bedford Group can help select and activate systems and processes in place that:
  • Identify and prioritize internal workload based on impact value
  • Streamline resource requests to the right decision-maker
  • Match projects with the appropriate team member skill sets
  • Instill innovation through procedural steps that foster ingenuity
  • Determine what should be outsourced and what should be handled internally
  • Integrate systems with those of other functional departments (e.g. Finance, IT, HR, Call Center)
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