Jane Bedford on the ANA Annual Conference

August 24, 2012

Jane Bedford’s recap the ANA Annual Conference: Masters of Marketing. Featured speakers included:
  • Mark Pritchard (Procter & Gamble)
  • Mark Baynes (Kellogg Company)
  • Joseph Tripodi (The Coca-Cola Company)
  • Ted Ward (Geico Auto Insurance)
  • Michael Francis (Target Corporation)
  • Lisa Cochrane (Allstate Insurance)
  • Ralph Santana (Samsung Electronics)
  • And more…
Kellogg – CMO Mark Baynes described Kellogg’s approach to its uber-product Pop Tarts to show that agency collaboration works…really works.  The team used a simple strategy driven out of clarity of purpose for the brand which delivered huge sales growth and long-term equity. Through targeting kids, Pop Tarts engaged their consumers with digital efforts that unlocked consumer passion and creativity. The initiative led to user postings ranging from “how they ate their Pop Tart” to building special seasonal flavors. Mark noted key contributions from Kellogg’s agency partners along the way, making all in the audience fall in love with this innovative chief marketer. Cisco – Cisco’s Marilyn Mersereau represented why the company continues to be a technology leader, moving from the B-to-B space to the B-to-C space. Their new premium offering to consumers is Umi Telepresence (HD TV camera). Marilyn wowed the more than 1,500 attendees with her on-stage demonstration of the technology from on-screen moments with her husband from home and a spokesperson at another remote location. Cisco enters the consumer world with less spending than some of its technology competitors but their brilliance in future thinking and ability to anticipate quality consumer driven products will likely pay off. They’ll reshape interactive and customized TV through smart social marketing and other less traveled media options. Procter & Gamble – Marc Pritchard distinguished himself and P&G highlighting their purpose inspired brands. P&G believes if a company focuses on how to serve people, they will succeed. A perfect example of this is the work they did on the Vancouver Olympics. Their portfolio of brands were made relevant in their connection with Moms (of the athletes and of the world) through their “Thanks Mom” program. These acts of generosity lifted their favorability rating by 10% and ultimately increased sales. It’s amazing how doing “good” helps. Coca-Cola – Joseph Tripodi, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer of Coca-Cola, left his audience with a central theme that there is no panacea to the marketing of a brand. That is, there is no magic bullet, no special medium that works better than others…beware of chasing the newest thing, even social media. He built his position on a construct of several of Coke’s marketing efforts, where multi-media alternatives and scale met story telling.

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