Jane F. Bedford Appears at Mirren

April 10, 2009

The Bedford Group Press Release Jane F. Bedford, founder of The Bedford Group in Atlanta, appeared at the Mirren New Business Development Conference in New York. The conference focus for 2009 was on best practices for developing new revenue in today’s uncertain economy and featured notable U.S. and global experts. Bedford lead a standing room only discussion at the “Breakfast Unplugged: Small Group Roundtable Discussions”. Her discussion topic “Behind Closed Doors. The Most Surprising Things I Know About Clients in the Partner Search Process” was entertaining and informative. Following an initial introduction with general insights into the client mind-set, Bedford encouraged the agency attendees to share their experiences. An engaging discussion followed that was described as “the highlight of my day” by one participant. Following the round-table discussion, Bedford was a featured speaker on the Search Consultant Panel highlighting top trends in agency selection. Bedford shared insights about the CEO/CMO gap from their recent global study. She also addressed the how to best define value for the client and highlighted some best practices when working with sourcing. In addition, she discussed ways technology is changing client needs and shared some suggestions for how agencies can help clients maximize return on their marketing spend. Other consultants in attendance included: Ark Advisors, Jones Lundin Beals and Pile + Co. For more information on any of these topics, or to book Bedford for a speaking engagement, she may be reached at The Bedford Group in Atlanta, GA.

About The Bedford Group

The Bedford Group is an Atlanta based Marketing Management Consulting firm that has been in operation since 1986. It has built its reputation on marketing organization support, agency search and relationship management and strategic marketing consulting.  Unlike traditional advertising consultants, The Bedford Group looks beyond traditional marketing disciplines to solve complex, enterprise-wide issues for efficient resource management and improving marketing ROI.

Jane Bedford
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