Selecting an Ad Agency

Selecting an Ad Agency: Basics For Selection Finding a new advertising agency is not an easy process. It is more than looking up names in the Yellow Pages and calling for prices. To really achieve the heftier ROIs management expects, marketers have to take the time to find the right partner. Done properly, more than 850 hours (a half-year of person-hours) can be spent managing this process. Hours of research, evaluation design, project assignment, and a myriad of details associated with scheduling meetings and presentations can tax the limits of even the largest of firms. At a minimum, these are the questions that you should ask:
  1. Size. Are they big enough to handle an account your size demands and small enough to know your importance to them?
  1. People. Do they have the people on staff – account, creative, media – who can give you the services and leadership you deserve?
  1. Thinking. Are they real marketeers who want to truly understand your business so that they can assist in your growth plans or are they just ad makers?
  1. Creative. Do they have a disciplined process of creating their advertising and is it close to, or better than, what you have been used to?
  1. Media. Do they have a department and database resources for analyzing the best possible expenditure of your dollars?
  1. Experience. Do they really know how to position a product or company? Do they have experience with products/services and organizations as complicated as yours? Do they understand the selling process?
  1. Organization. Is your culture compatible to theirs?
  1. Attitude. Do they want your business and are they willing to invest time and effort to learn more about your distribution/issues and markets? Do they want to have fun doing business with you? Will they say what is on their mind?
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