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    Over the past 20 years, Dr. Pitre has become an expert in research and analytics. She has built a strong reputation for using data to drive revenue and optimization via data-driven multichannel marketing in a number of senior roles.

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Media Mix Modeling

Accurately target your media spend

The Bedford Group offers a breadth and depth of analytics expertise to help our clients understand and predict media performance.  Understanding that, as a message weaves it way through various mediums, it builds impact.  And, by leveraging this combined impact appropriately, marketers can increase the return from their investment. Media mix modeling accounts for how media works synergistically to more accurately calculate marketing ROI. By examining historical media performance data, it enables a more accurate method for predicting future sales or leads. In fact, when built correctly media mix models are typically more than 95 percent accurate. This type of modeling can help you fine-tune your marketing channel strategy to move money from one medium to another based on results rather than on guesstimates. On average, media mix modeling can help clients reduce costs 10 to 15 percent per acquisition, while increasing total sales or leads by 15 percent or more. But most importantly, media mix modeling holds all media accountable to deliver a positive ROI, even media that are traditionally considered non-trackable such as print, radio or PR. For more information on how we can help optimize your media spend, contact The Bedford Group at 404.237.4565 or info@bedfordgroupconsulting.com.