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ROI Analysis

See a higher return on impact

As media channels and consumer behaviors change, it has become even more important for marketers to understand the ROI across all of their work. However, even as more data becomes available, turning information into actionable insight continues to be an elusive process. That’s because calculating marketing ROI is not merely a matter of figuring cost against return. It is a complex, interconnected system that requires multiple, simultaneous inputs and considerations. At The Bedford Group, we understand the nuances inherent in calculating marketing ROI. For example, determining ROI within a campaign is much easier than calculating the long-term impact of brand marketing. In certain situations, you may be willing to take a lower short-term return on investment when marketing to those with a higher lifetime value. It’s about knowing when and where to apply calculations of value and calibrate spend accordingly. Truly effective ROI calculations are a far cry from the simplistic online ROI calculators that are proliferating. This kind of data analysis is one of the most effective tools you can rely upon to get the most for every dollar spent and understand and predict the impact of future changes. To find out more about our ROI Analysis offerings, contact The Bedford Group at 404.237.4565 or info@bedfordgroupconsulting.com.